My research objective is the spectroscopic characterization of unusual chemical species, such as free radicals, high-temperature molecules, and ions. Of particular interest are the molecules found in flames, electrical discharges, lasers, explosions, the earth's atmosphere, stellar atmospheres and the interstellar medium. However, in laboratory environments these species occur in low concentrations, because of their great chemical reactivity. Techniques based on tunable lasers and Fourier transform spectroscopy provide the sensitivity required for routine detection of their spectra in the gas phase.

Our Sun, with a solar flare

An image of the Sun with a solar flare; spectra of the Sun are recorded from the ground and from orbit

Inorganic chemical species Chemical species studied by laser spectroscopy

Research Topics

  1. Molecular Astronomy
  2. Laser and Fourier transform spectroscopy of transient molecules
  3. Atmospheric Science